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Old Taos Bed

(1097SK)    Standard King       $1668.00
(1097Q)       Queen                  $1503.00
(1097F)        Full                      $1428.00
(1097TW)     Twin                     $1345.00

Sinoquipe Bed with cruciforms

(1051SK)       Stand King                 $1627.00
(1051Q)         Queen                        $1419.00
(1051F)          Full                            $1209.00
(1051TW)      Twin                           $1209.00
(1051TWX)    Extra Twin                 $1209.00

*Available in Headboard ONLY.

Sinoquipe Bed with lightning
(1051SK)       Stand King           $1627.00
(1051Q)         Queen                  $1419.00
(1051F)          Full                       $1209.00
(1051TW)      Twin                     $1209.00
(1051TWX)    Extra Twin           $1209.00

*Available in Headboard ONLY.

Territorial Bed

(1090CK)       California King           $1822.00
(1090SK)        Standard King           $1822.00
(1090Q)          Queen                       $1584.00
(1090F)           Full                            $1348.00

*Available in Headboard ONLY.

El Presidio Bed

(1095CK)         Calif. King       $2092.00

(1095SK)         Standard King  $2092.00

(1095Q)           Queen            $1819.00

(1095F)            Full                 $1456.00

*Available in Headboard ONLY.

Chihui  Bed

(1071TW) Twin Bed  $1,348.00

(1071F)Chihui Full Bed  $1,404.00

(1071Q)Chihui Queen Bed  $1,584.00

(1071SK)Chihui Standard King Bed  $1,789.00

*Available in Headboard ONLY

Coconino Bed
(1053TW)      Coconino Twin Bed       $1996.00
(1053F)         Coconino Full Bed         $2199.00
(1053Q)        Coconino Queen Bed     $2248.00
(1053SK)      Coconino Standard King$2503.00
 *Available in Headboard ONLY.

Priest 4 Poster Bed

Tucson bed

(1070CK4P)        California King          $1741.00
(1070SK4P)         Standard King          $1741.00
(1070Q4P)           Queen                       $1516.00
(1070F4P)           Full                            $1435.00

tucson bed

Priest Bed

(1070CK)         California King            $1449.00
(1070SK)         Standard King             $1449.00
(1070Q)            Queen                        $1263.00
(1070F)             Full                             $1068.00

*Available in Headboard ONLY

Tucson Custom Furniture

Country West Bed
(1040SK)      Stand King     $1627.00

(1040Q)        Queen             $1396.00

(1040F)         Full                 $1183.00

(1040TW)     Twin                $958.00

*Available in Headboard ONLY.

(1072) Priest Bunk Twin Bed with drawers
44″L x 72″H x79″D      $2743.00


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