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tucson custom book cases

Capilla Bookcase
(2825)                 39.50″ L x 77.50″ H x 12.50″ D  $1698.00

tucson custom book cases
Origin: Zia; a 16th century pueblo in the ‘four corners area’ from which the Zia Indians derived their name. This quality example of Morewood & Yager craftsmanship features a solid wood tongue and groove back, and our own hand wrought iron handles. Our standard tung oil stains contain phenolic resin that penetrates the woods surface where it hardens providing a zero maintenance finish. And as with all Morewood & Yager furniture, it is assembled using mortise and tenon construction solid wood shelves with all wood tongue and groove back. 
Made to order in your choice of stain finish and kiln dried woods. 
(2809) Zia Bookcase  No doors       
 40″ L x 84″ H x 15″ D   $1880.00
(2811) Zia Bookcase  with doors       
 32″ L x 76″ H x 12″ D   $1408.00
(2812) Zia Vertical Bookcase No doors
36″L x 76″H x 12″D     $1344.00
tucson custom book cases

(2819)Chihui Bookcase with Doors

40″ L x 76″ H x 12.50″ D $1634.00

(2820) Chihui Bookcase with Doors
31.5″L x 76″H x 12.5″D   $1212.00

tucson custom book cases

(2802) Navajo Vertical Bookcase w/doors
48″L x 84″H x 12″D    $1889.00

(2801) Navajo Vertical Bookcase w/doors
32″L x 76″H x 12″D    $1419.00

tucson custom book cases

(2813)  Territorial Bookcase with doors 

 33″ L x 76″ H x 12″ D      $1544.00

(2816)  Territorial Bookcase No doors    

33″ L x 76″ H x 12″ D        $1394.00

(2806) Territorial Bookcase / Credenza   

51.5″L x 84″H x 21″D        $3898.00

tucson custom book cases

(2810) Zia Horizontal Bookcase No Doors

60″ L x 41″ H x 12″ D  $1214.00



tucson custom book cases

(2808) Zia  Horizontal Bookcase

36″ L x 41″ H x 12″ D      $1152.00

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